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lAzara Brighta - the artist Azara Brighta - the artistDear Аrt Lovers, welcome to Azara Braita’s  art gallery!

We are happy to present to you the new style Metaphysical Expressionism.™

These art works have an effect of a Positive “Amplifier” that would improve the environment around us and create protection and resistance against negative energies and waves, known also as electro-smog ( such as Wi Fi, 4G- 5G etc).

The art works create kind of a feedback from the source between the painting  and the human observer. Thus creates so called in physics a capacitive impedance on the painting source.
To put it simply the paintings create something like an energy “shield” that protect the person in proximity of the art

This method only requires a tiny amount of power to achieve high benefit, maintaining a good high quality energy at the same time.

This style is kind of a bridge or a unity between the visible and the invisible world. The Quantum field is knowledge and the conscious connection with it allows a human being to integrate this knowledge.

How would this work with a painting, you cloud ask?

The answer is: With our inner senses and feelings. And it works NO need of any special kind of training or preparation!

The metaphysical painting simply communicates with the observer.  To quote Azara Braita here: “The conscious communication is important for me, that is why I created a methodology for communication with my art creations , which is integral part of purchase of each of my  paintings.”
Meaning everybody who buys one or more of Azara’s art works will receive a free easy training, that you can do at home or your office to unlock  the full potential of a painting!

So what does the science says about Azara Braita’s art work? Click hear to read full article

Additional positive effect the paintings along with their aesthetic qualities, is that the art work pieces  cleanse and harmonize area and space around them.
With the help of a scientific test that has been conducted, the results showed  were similar to properly programmed crystals and pyramids constructed to rise the vibration of the planet. This makes them very suitable for SPA centers, hotels, financial institutions, business centers and halls for large audiences.

The paintings are created using The Golden Ratio proportions


Azara Braita’s Art clothes

These clothes came from the future. They have the abilities to conserve your physical body if it is on good condition or heal it if is not.

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Azara Braita: “I found another practical application of the art work paintings, while integrating the energy over to clothes, scarves and garment.”

This is done through transfer of the energetic mark over to the matter. The clothing  created in this manner affects positively the aura of a person wearing the garment. The high vibrational energy structure harmonizes the energetic bio field of a person. If there are breaches in the aura of a person they close. If there is foreign energy, it dissipates. The clothing raise the psychic energy and the conditioning of the physical body. That is how beauty and health work in symbiosis and the results are satisfaction and prosperity.

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In May 2017 Azara Braita presented in Paris France her healing art paintings.

“The M IMAGE Art Gallery” in Paris France in collaboration with Du Colombier Gallery – Paris
Solo exhibition of the artist Azara Braita – healing art from May 17 until May 24/2017.

Opening on May 18 at 6 pm. You are welcome! The Gallery is next to The “Louvre Museum”
Address: PARIS
Galerie du colombier.
91 Rue Saint HonoréAfish France Paris

Here is what kind of art pieces we can create for you:

Art painting on canvas, wood or glass. (If desired a specific order can be made, for use other material.)

Reproduction of finished painting

Garment from the boutique collection

Scarf from the “Scarves Line” ( see Azara’s Shop)

Personal order of garment at your preference

Important: On this web site, you can purchase  art works, or make an order for one especially for you, through the secure system of PayPal.  A registration is not required just an active PayPal account. We can provide a certificate of authenticity of each art painting, if required by the collector.

If you have any questions about the art works, purchasing and shipping to you, please contact us.  Contact

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